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​we are the westost cartoon lovers, a designer duo from london.
we create cartoon, anime and manga inspired goods for geeks, otakus and other funky people.
 all our creations are our own original artwork, drawn by ken and artworked by miriam.
our t-shirts, prints and other creations are hand-screenprinted in london with high quality
vibrant and durable inks. 
we only produce low editions so our products make the perfect unique gift
to yourself or a fellow anime fan :) 
 if you need any info on any of our products please drop us an email










how it all began: 

we are a designer duo based in east london with roots in asia and europe

from a tender age we have been big fans of manga, anime cartoons and comics.

ken draws miriam a comic every evening (since over 10 years and ongoing) so one day she asked him to illustrated all their favourite cartoon, manga, anime and comic heroes.

the operation took several months as the list seemed to never end.

when he was finally done, the artwork counted over 200 characters and turned out to be quite cool.

we asked a local screen printer to hand pull us our first cartoonist manifesto tees. 

that was the birth of westost! a few months later we had designed a second tee (wonderful villains) and decided to book our first stall at mcm london comic con.

we've since set up a small home studio, have learned how to screen print, have been running stalls at different conventions and markets and have met a lot of amazing people on the way! 





Hyper Japan
Ken and Madoka
Dio and his Shirt
MCM London Comic Con 2023
Comic Con London
London anime and manga shop
website 2
website 2
Souichi Tsujii Junji Ito art
Akeno  HighSchool DXD
junji ito uzumaki poster
Naruto Screen Print
hokuto ken art
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