Akira - アキラ


Akira (アキラ) Original Art - Hand Screen Printed T-shirt 


(this T-shirt design is also available as a special edition white Tee)


Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo is a milestone in Manga and Anime history, you can read and watch it over and over again!  The great story line and amazing artwork is highly addictive! 
So we decided to dedicate a T-Shirt design to this great classic!


Our hand screen printed original art Tee brings together some of the main members of the cast of both the manga and anime: 
It features Kaneda (金田), Tetsuo (鉄雄), Kei (ケイ), The Colonel (大佐 Taisa), Kiyoko (キヨコ, No.25), Takashi (タカシ, No.26), Masaru (マサル,  No.27), Akira (アキラ,  No.28), Yamagata (山形), Joker (ジョーカー) and Kaori (カオリ)

Our illustrator designed and drew the artwork for this T-Shirt design. 
He developed a unique style inspired by 1950s manga and Japanese block prints. 

The 2-layer screen print is hand printed in London with high quality, durable and vibrant inks. 
First layer:  gradient from red to vintage purple 
Second layer: white

The colours for our Tee were inspired by the gloomy yet vibrant colour scheme of the 1988 anime.  

Please note as they are hand printed each Tshirt is unique and the colouring of each gradient will vary slightly. 

Tee Material: 100% pre-shrunk ring-spun black cotton, 180 g/m²


Guys cut T-Shirt sizes (measurements from armpit to armpit/ length from top to bottom):
- Size S: 46cm / 71cm
- Size M: 51cm / 74cm
- Size L: 56cm / 76cm
- Size XL: 61 cm / 79cm
- Size XXL: 66 cm / 81cm


Ladies cut T-Shirt sizes (measurements from armpit to armpit/ length from top to bottom):
- Size M: 49cm / 66cm

The T-Shirt in the pictures is size M




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