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Akira Screen Print


Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo is a milestone in Manga and Anime history, you can read and watch it over and over again! The great storyline and amazing artwork is highly addictive!


This artwork brings together some of the main members of the cast of both the manga and anime: It features Kaneda (金田), Tetsuo (鉄雄), Kei (ケイ), The Colonel (大佐 Taisa), Kiyoko (キヨコ, No.25), Takashi (タカシ, No.26), Masaru (マサル, No.27), Akira (アキラ, No.28), Yamagata (山形), Joker (ジョーカー) and Kaori (カオリ)


The colours for our prints were inspired by the gloomy yet vibrant colour scheme of the 1988 anime. 


This two-layer screen print comes in the following options:

Option 1: Print on holographic card 


You can buy the print individually or in a discounted price print bundle with any of our prints

Bundle 2: 2x any of our prints

Bundle 3: 3x any of our prints

Bundle 4: 4x any of our prints

The postage for all bundles is the same as for one print!

You can mix and match between the different listings and series please drop us a message which prints you want.


Paper size approx A4: 210mm W x 290mm H (size might vary slightly)


Please note as they are hand printed each print is unique and markings, colouring and gradients will vary.


Packaged in a cellophane sleeve and placed into a cardboard envelope.

Please note: the listing is for the print only, the frame and figures are not included!

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