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SALE - Sidekick Uprising

SALE - Sidekick Uprising


We've dedicated our this T-Shirt design to the suppressed and overshadowed Cartoon Sidekicks! 
They've come together to fight for their rights! 

Luigi, Orko, Beaker, Patrick Star, Nanny, Muttley, Robin, Lurky, Pinky, Cedric Sneer, Artemis, Barney Rubble, Odie, Inspector Clouseau, Shaggy, Brain (Finot), Boo-Boo Bear, Willy, Piglet, Azrael, Brian Griffin, Slimer, Roger, Klaus Heissler and Woodstock have all come together - lead by the might Waylon Smithers on Battle Cat! 

The high quality screen printed illustration shows a lot of intricate detail, each of the characters were hand drawn individually before they joined the artwork.

The artwork is screen printed by hand on a preshrunk cotton T-Shirt.

This T-Shirt design comes in 4 different colour options: 

-navy (print in revolutionary flame gradient colours - please note every gradient is a bit different) 





T-Shirt sizes Red/ Purple/ Petrol T-Shirt 

(measurements from armpit to armpit/ length from top to bottom):
- Size S: 50cm / 69cm
- Size M: 53cm / 72cm


T-Shirt sizes: Navy T-Shirt

(measurements from armpit to armpit/ length from top to bottom):

- Size M: 51cm / 74cm

- Size L: 56cm / 76cm

- Size XL: 61 cm / 79cm

- Size XXL: 66 cm / 81cm


The T-Shirt in the pictures is size M.


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    £18.00Sale Price
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