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SALE - Ghost in the Shell

SALE - Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊)

Original Art - Hand Screen Printed T-shirt 


available as guys and ladies cut!


When Masamune Shirow created his Ghost in the Shell Manga in 1989, who would have thought that it would turn into such a timeless classic and that it would ignite the production of different anime adaptions, computer games and movies! We just recently re-watched the Ghost in the Shell movie from 1995 and felt inspired to created a T-Shirt design which is  dedicated to the different anime takes on the mighty Major Motoko Kusanagi!


Our hand screen printed, original art Tee brings together three different versions of Motoko Kusanagi (from the original 1995 Ghost in the Shell Movie, Stand Alone Complex and Arise), the Puppet Master and Tachikoma!
Our illustrator Ken designed and drew the artwork for this print. 
He developed a unique style inspired by 1950s manga and Japanese block prints. 

The 2 colour screen print is hand printed in London with high quality, durable and vibrant inks. 
We have only produced a very limited number.


As a tribute to the gloomy neon light atmosphere of the 1995 anime we chose a three colour gradient for our ink colours - from pink to blue to green in combination with pure white ink printed onto a black Tshirt.


Please note as they are hand printed each print is unique and the colouring of each gradient will vary slightly. 


Tee Material: 100% pre-shrunk ring-spun cotton, 180 g/m²


Guys cut T-Shirt sizes (measurements from armpit to armpit/ length from top to bottom):
- Size S: 46cm / 71cm
- Size M: 51cm / 74cm
- Size L: 56cm / 76cm
- Size XL: 61 cm / 79cm
- Size XXL: 66 cm / 81cm


Ladies cut T-Shirt sizes (measurements from armpit to armpit/ length from top to bottom):
- Size S: 44cm / 65cm
- Size M: 49cm / 66cm
- Size L: 54cm / 69cm
- Size XL: 59 cm / 71cm


The T-Shirts in the pictures are size M (both guys and ladies cut)


We also offer this artwork as a A4 print - please see our other listings


    £26.00 Regular Price
    £20.00Sale Price
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