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One Piece Figure Scene

One Piece Figure Scene

One Piece Straw Hat Pirate Set

For international shipping please ignore the checkout shipping quote and contact us for a quote before buying this item. 


 New World 5 in 1 set 


The set includes the below :

- Monkey D Luffy & Tony Chopper figure

- Roronoa Zoro & Usopp figure

- Vinsmoke Sanji & Brook figure

- Nami & Nico Robin figure

- Franky & Thousand Sunny figure


The excellent details and quality make this set of 5 figures a favorite among collectors.

The set is formed by 5 different figures and can be separated into 5 individual figures.

The figurines are produced by Bandai Japan for the Japanese market.

They are genuine officially licensed merchandise imported from Japan.



Height : from base to top of Franky’s hands approx. 15.5cm

Width : from Zoro’s right arm to Sanji’s base approx. 16.5cm

Depth : from front of Luffy’s base to back of Franky’s base approx. 15cm



They are brand new but without the original box.

We will wrap them nicely to protect them for the journey.

Please note: what you see is what you get, we've photographed the very figurines that we sell and don't use photos from the manufacturer, the listing is for a set of 5 figurines as shown on the pictures


If you need any more info on the figure, feel free to message us

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