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Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo Screen Print


This print brings together the main cast of this great series: Mugen, Jin, Fuu and Momo


Our illustrator Ken designed and drew the artwork for this print.
He developed a unique style inspired by 1950s manga and Japanese block prints. The screenprints are hand-pulled by Miriam in our East London studio.

We have only produced a very limited number.


The colour scheme for this print was inspired by the beautiful colors of the anime series!
First layer: gradient neon pink - yellow - red 
Second layer: ultramarine blue

Paper size A4: 210mm W x 297mm H  (size might vary slightly)

You can buy the print individually or in a discounted price print bundle with any of our prints: 

Bundle 2: 2x any of our prints

Bundle 3: 3x any of our prints

The postage for all bundles is the same as for one print!

You can mix and match between the different listings and series please drop us a message which prints you want.
Please note as they are hand printed each print is unique and markings, coloring and gradients will vary.

Packaged in a cellophane sleeve and placed into a cardboard envelope.



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