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Skeletor Art Toy

Skeletor Art Toy

Hand Screen Printed Skeletor Art Toy 

Masters of the Universe is one of our favorite childhood cartoons and Skeletor is one of the coolest villains in cartoon history! 
We collect vintage toys and the Mattel Skeletor from the 1980s is one of our favorite pieces and an all time classic!  
Inspired by this great toy and paying homage to the glorious age of fluorescent colors we designed our Skeletor Art Toy! 

Our Skeletor reincarnation is completely handmade from scratch: 
from illustration, artwork, screen printing, sewing, stuffing and labeling, all done by us in our East London studio. 
Illustrated by Ken - printed and crafted by Miriam. 

Material: 100% cotton, polyester fiber stuffing, water based ink (Neon Pink, Cyan Blue, Neon Yellow, Black Outlines ) 
Technique:  Illustrated, Hand screen printed, sewn
Care:  Wipe with a damp cloth
Size: 23cm high x 17cm wide

Please note: 
- As they are handmade, each and every Skeletor is unique, therefor markings and coloring may vary
- Our Skeletor Toy is not suitable for small children (only for kidults)
- This listing is for one Skeletor Soft Toy - all other toys in this listing are our private collection and not for sale :) 


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